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Sessions can take place in person in Peterborough, or online via Zoom. 

What happens in a PSYCH-K® Session?

Each session can be  different but usually follows this flow:


1) How are things now? 

We’ll spend the first part of the session talking through how things are for you at the moment and prioritising the area(s) of your life you’d like to change. How are things going? We’ll discuss your challenges where you’d like to see change happen. 


For example, this might be around work, your self-confidence & self-esteem, your relationships, any unhelpful limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 


2) How do you want them to be? 

Once we have a good idea of how things are at the moment, we’ll take a deep dive in to how you want to feel instead. What you would like to see or feel in place of your challenges?

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3) Balance a Whole-Brained state

After we’ve discussed how things are for you now and how you’d like to things to change the session usually goes one of two ways...


We’ll either work together to craft a meaningful Goal Statement or it might feel more appropriate to concentrate on a particular situation that’s been causing you stress and release it through a Balance that can transform your stressful situation into one of place of peace. 


We’ll check in with your subconscious mind using muscle testing techniques & discover which of the PSYCH-K® Balances is right for you at that time.

I'll guide you through a simple Balance process. Sometimes you feel an internal shift immediately, other times there's a longer integration. Each Balance can be different.  

4) Celebrate!

When a new belief is Balanced in to the subconscious mind it’s important that we celebrate in some way, the subconscious loves this! A (virtual) hug, jazz hands, a whoop of joy, a moment of silent gratitude or a high five - whatever feels right for you but I will always invite you to celebrate after a Balance.

5) Take Action

When we Balance a new belief for you we are creating the potential for a new belief. To help this new potential become your reality it is often helpful to put in place some simple actions to cement in your new reality.


Action steps can be a simple of complicated as you like - you get to choose what feels right for you.

6) Follow Up

Some people like some external accountability, some people don’t. We’ll talk about whether you’d like any follow up  from me to see how your action steps are going. 

Most importantly PSYCH-K® can lead to lasting changes in attitude allowing as much joy as possible. 


If you're ready to open up possibilities  through PSYCH-K®, I'd love to hear from you.

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